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Winner of the Barcelona 24 hour race on two occasions using sound sensible engineering
100mpg from a Triumph or 80bhp from a Triumph twin
Road or Race...................Talk to the Engineering Experts....We ship worldwide

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Dresda Autos


Dresda Autos  build classic bikes by using race tested new materials and new techniques

+44 1293 871887

Triumph Tuning Specialists


Barcelona Winning Triton


After about 9 years in Rusper near Gatwick we have updated out web sie. More to come soon!


Dave Degens Dresda Autos
Call on
 (+44)1293 871887


The Barcelona 24hr race winning bike that Dave built for reliability. Replicas are being made to your requirements.

Barcelona Winning Dresda Triton

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The Dresda Frame (FLASH)


Tritons made to order your parts or ours. Engine rebuilds and tuning, frame building, modification and repairs, stove enameling. Tapered headraces, box section swinging arms. Welding including aluminum. Cylinder head tuning, new valve seats


Built in England and shipped to the world


Triton Racer Rebuild to Dresda Standard


Visit the EGP Autojumble at Kempton Park for a fantastic selection of used and new parts for classic and modern bikes.

Find out more about DRESDA Autos, Dave Degens and the phenomenon of the TRITON


This Triton was built in 1972 and had a few years of racing before being left with a major hole in t he engine. Dave Degens is rebuilding the bike to 2002 specification. See the picture set showing the rebuild

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Dave is also available for exhibitions, demonstrations, motorcycle fairs etc.

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Dresda: Harley Davidson /Norton


The Triton we have been rebuilding on the web site is soon to run at a track day when Kevin can get his nerve again. Full report here soon.


Our on line survey of web visitors shows that we have recently had visits from USA Canada, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Italy Spain, Norway, Sweden, Finland, China. Please click here and complete the online questionnaire


The Harley engine was supplied and we built the cycle part around it.

This bike is fantastic. Well balanced and will be superb on the road. More pics here


Want to sell your bike? New bikes and a set of pages that now work


I promised Trident Specialists Triples on Line www.triplesonline.com a link to their web site, but forgot so to redeem myself here is their link on the front page.

  EGP Enterprises for Bike Jumbles and Classic Shows

Howells, Friday Street
West Sussex, RH12 4QA
Telephone: 01293 871887
Bespoke Motorcycle Engineering from Dresda


This is just a small selection of the magazines that have featured and are still featuring our work.



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